• Technical and scientific conservation of Paintings and other works of art
  • Examination of antiquities from conservation point of view and suggest for the preventive methods of conservation
  • Undertakes project on conservation and suggest for appropriate storage and display parameters
  • Offers internship in conservation
  • Digital documentation of art objects
  • Mounting and box preparation for conserved artifacts
  • Invention and fabrication of Conservation outfits
  • Study, experiment and treatment trial for new conservation material

Work Area-Paper Conservation


Examination under Microscope-Photograph

Paint Layer Cracks-100 X

Internship Program-Paper Conservation

Conservation in Process-Gilatin Print

Specially prepared X shaped stand & Box

Optical Examination-Paper Painting

UV Light Analysis

  • Wall painting transfer project at Delwara Fort, Devigarh (Udaipur).It’s a first and unique project done by IMACC in Rajasthan
  • Conservation &restoration work of palanquin of Bade Peer Sahib’s Dargaah, Nagaur. It’s a unique palanquin gifted to Dargaah by Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb
  • Conservation of Painting created by renowned artist, MF Hussain.
  • Conservation of Army Collection
  • Conservation of Kanota Collection including world famous, Amar Singh Diaries
  • Conservation of 100 year old Photograph Album
  • Conservation of Chanod Miniature
  • Conservation of Pal Collection


  • AIC-American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic works
  • ICOM-CC- International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation
  • Getty Institution
  • The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency
  • SCR- Swiss Association for Conservation and Restoration

The Centre offers internship to national and international students specializing in conservation. Internship is offered for two to four months from the month of July to March or variable in the field of paper material that includes miniature, manuscript, printed material and photographs.

We have had interns at our Centre from National Library, Australia, Royal Danish school of Conservation, Denmark, Bern University, Switzerland etc.

Interested applicants may write to us at macc@mehrangarh.org