The Maharaja Man Singh Pustak Prakash and Research Centre, incorporated into the Trust in 1977, houses a collection of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Hindi and some regional languages. The manuscripts are duly listed and catalogued and are available to scholars and researchers. Research is also undertaken by the Trust’s own faculty. The Trust now has a regular publications program and encourages works of history, socio-political subjects and art history.

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Mehrangarh Art Conservation Centre is one of the most prominent conservation lab in Rajasthan that is involved in Paper and Photograph Conservation, Oil Painting, Wall Painting, Metal Conservation, Palm Leaves and many other types of conservation work.

The Centre undertakes project and analyses it carefully before carrying out the conservation process. After the treatment, our experts also suggest appropriate measures to be taken for that particular object.


The conservation of the Mehrangarh Fort itself remains top priority but the Trust also participates actively in other conservation and restoration projects. Mehrangarh is among the first fort in India to adopt a Conservation Master Plan (CMP), all conservation projects are now led by the CMP. The 12th century Nagaur Fort; Ahhichatragarh is also managed by Mehrangarh Museum Trust which was recently shortlisted for prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture.