Beatle Box

Accession No: DCA / 76 / 1
Object: Beatle Box
H*L*W in cms: 9.5 * 7.1
Material: Silver
Period: M. 19th c

Beautifully carved beetle box with a key. Lattice work of different patterns on all sides and has turquoise and blue color floral patterns.


Accession No: DCA / 76 / 54
Object: Toran
H*L*W in cms: 120 * 80
Material: Wood
Period: 20th c

Colorful wooden toran with parrots, peacocks and swans carved and painted over it. Also four women figures are carved and painted.


Accession No: DCA / 76 / 68
Object: Surahi
H*L*W in cms: 20 * 10
Material: Silver
Period: 19th – 20th c.

A silver Surahi with a lid. Alternation of blue and turquoise design with gilt amlaka and floral scroll.


Object: Kalamdan
H*L*W in cms: 24.5 * 6.2 * 5.5
Material: Silver with gold polish
Period: 19th -20th c.

Has a black base with golden design and has inscriptions in Urdu.

Maharani Mugdar

Accession No: DCA / 76 / 57,58
Object: Maharani Mugdar
H*L*W in cms: 80 * 20
Material: Wood and Ivory
Period: Late 19h c

Two wooden weights used for exercise by the women of the royal family. They are carved with Ivory.

Huqqa Bowl

Accession No: DCA / 76 / 77
Object: Huqqa Bowl
H*L*W in cms: 20 * 15
Material: Bidari
Period: E. 18th c

The base bowl of a huqqa set made in Bidri style. Decorated with floral patterns.


Accession No: DCA / 76 / 47
Object: Chuski
H*L*W in cms: 25 * 10
Material: Silver
Period: Mid 19th c.

A chuski made of silver in the shape of a dancing woman. Has capillaries running through its hands and the skirt.

Cosmetic Box Set

Accession No: DCA / 76 / 60
Object: Cosmetic Box Set
Dimensions in cms: 60*40
Material: Ivory and wood
Period: 18th -19th c

Wooden cosmetic box beautifully carved with Ivory. Different forms of god and goddess can be identified.


Accession No: DCA / 76 / 83,84,85,86
Object: Mir-e-Firsh
H*L*W in cms: 18 * 15
Material: Camel Bone
Period: E. 18th c

A set of four carpet weights made of camel bone and painted green and pink. They are designed in lotus shape.