Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival:

Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival is organised annually in the joint auspices of Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation providing a platform to folk performers of India and abroad to showcase their talent. In this, cultural programme, classical singing, religious music, folk dance, folk music and many other programmes are organised.

Performers such as Bhanwari Devi and Patasi Devi, Sugna Devi, Jamali Bai of Bikaner, Dayaram of Merta, international performers like Mark Atkins, Suchismita Das, Anwar Khan Manganiyar, Yossi Fine, Wouter Kellerman etc have given their enthralling performance.

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Sacred Spirit Festival:

The Sacred Spirit Festival (SSF) with talent from across the world to enthral the music aficionados is organised annually by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust. With the serene Mehrangarh and Ahhichatragarh Forts as the backdrop, leading exponents of Sufi showcases an enriching amalgamation of musical traditions that descend from across varied geographical boundaries. SSF brings the traditions of the East, Asia and Africa to the rich heritage of India. The ever popular Rabbi Shergil, Kavita Seth, Sabri brothers, Kailash Kher, Rock Veda Band and Thagni group also have given their captivating performance. Renowned artists from Egypt, Turkey, France, Pakistan, Paris, Mongolia, Afghanistan, China, etc along with the traditional Rajasthani folk musicians, have also performed at the Festival.

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